Back to the Rhodeside Grill

I went back to the Rhodeside Grill in Arlington and this time I had the Phili Cheese Steak sandwich. It was a hardy sandwich, tasty and not that fake steak you sometimes get when ordering a steak sandwich. But I have to say once again, dont go there during lunch time. They might cause you to be late getting back to work. For some reason lunch service is very slow there. The first time I was there, I could only see 4 people in the dining room and yet it took them at least 30 mins to get me my Reuben sandwich. This time I was there I look around and could only see 3 people in the dining room and waited another 30 mins to get my food and the waiter even walk over to me and ask me if I like to get my check. I said "before I get the check can I get my food?". The food is good at the Rhodeside Grill but the service is not all that great. I would go back there again, but I would only go there when I know I have extra time on my hands.

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