Kitchen Knives

Check out this beautiful Shun Bob Kramer 7'' Chef knife, and it comes with a heafty price too. $339.95 I might have to wait for this one, since it is a little out of my price range.

But this beautiful 6.5'' Shun Elite Santoku Chef knife is a little more reasonable at $129.95 UPDATE!, I just bought this knife! I love it! It feels so nice when I am using it. The handle is design to fit in your palm of your hand. Makes cutting fun! Yeah it cost a little but it is so worth it. It will last for years. 

This Global Hollow-Ground Santoku 7'' Chef knife is the brand I own this knife for almost ten years and it still looks somewhat new and I use every day. It stays sharp, it is comfortabe to use and the price is great at $95.00. I prefer this knife over my Shun that I bought. I like the shun but it stays at home while I take the Global to work. This knife was given to me by my boss as a going away present. I am not sure if this knife can hold its edge like the shun and maybe not as sharp, but I do like it and I am pretty sure you will too. I know you want it! So just buy it! Buy it from Amazon, I pretty much everything from Amazon, I am a huge fan! 
But if these knives are still out of your price range you can always go to Target and buy a Kitchen Aid or Cuisinart knives, they work great too.
UPDATE! I plan on buying the Global knife holder, but I just don't have the money just yet. But when I do I will let you all know. I really like the Global so I need add on to my collection, but just so you all know I am not partial to one brand. I have many different brands in my tool box. Oh and yes I do have a tool box, just like a carpenter I keep all my pastry tool in the tool box. At first I bought 2 matching tool boxes so they can stack together, but the last one I bought is much bigger and has wheels. I live on a Army base and live in the barracks so I don't have much room for storage. I can't wait for the day when I get a room inspection by a army SGT. and they get to see all the knives in my room. You should see my room, I have a ice cream maker, a pasta maker, chocolate tempering machine, bunch of knives and 30-40 lbs of dark chocolate . OK now I am not bragging... I just love to cook!
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