My first Blog

My first post in my own blog and I am sitting here thinking what I should write and how I should begin my blog or how my layout should be. What to call my blog, I have all these ideas and questions but not so sure how or where to begin. Could I just pay someone to do it for me? So I am thinking I might as well start by telling a little something about me and why I want to write about food.
I graduated New England Culinary Institute in 2000, worked for the Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts, Beaver Creek Resorts and Deer Valley Resorts. Then I joined the ARMY in the summer of 2006, went through basic training and then got shipped to Ft. Bliss, in El Paso Texas. I made the Ft. Bliss Culinary team and went on to win Jr. Chef of the year for the ARMY in 2007. Jr. Chef meaning my rank was a E-4 or below. I also won 3 Gold, 4 Bronze medals and Best Exhibit in show.
In late 2007 I was then deplyed to Korea, made the Korean Culinary Team (USA) and won 3 Gold, 4 Silver, 2 Bronze Medals and runner up for ARMY Chef of the Year. I choked for the Chef of the year. I know what went wrong, but it was a good learning experince and dont regret any of it. I also worked with the United States ARMY Culinary Team in 2008, I had so much fun and I learned a ton, they are very passionate about what they do.
All that in a nut shell, that was the short verison. I will add a little something everyday. Thanks for taking the time to read my first blog, stayed tuned for more.
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