Grilled Shrimp and Spinach salad

This dish is easy to make, peel and clean shrimp, lightly coat with Olive Oil, salt and pepper. Place on a hot grill, until the shrimp is golden brown. While cooking your shrimp on the grill, toss together spinach (or mixed greens) with Balsamic Dressing and other vegetables of your choice. Place on a plate and add your grilled shrimp and enjoy. So easy and super fast to make.

Crazy Army Cooks

ARMY cooks are crazy...yeah that is raw chicken you are about to eat, Oh never mind I know he does not care anyway. Eat away!


I was training with the United States Army Culinary Arts Team when I was in charge to make this pastry.

Creme Brulee

My version of a Creme Brulee

Korean Chef

A real Korean Chef teaching us how to cook real Korean food....but why is he on my station? Ok I am just joking, very happy to have him there to teach us a little about Korean foods. What makes Korean food so interesting is that is so healthy for you and it really does taste good. I want to go back to Korea to eat and learn more Korean foods! In picture with the Korean Chef is Chief Smith he is holding a large radish but on his face he has a look like he has never seen one before,  Man these CW4 these days, can teach them anything :) . But that Chief is Chief Smith, who happens to be a very good Chef, I think he is one of the best Chefs out there and I mean that too. He is now out of the ARMY and teaching at a Culinary School in Oklahoma, they are lucky students to be trained by him, because I know they will get their money worth and get a great deal of hands on experience from him. He spent his entire 20 year career in the Army doing Culinary and getting paid to do it. Not many in the Army can do that, if fact I think he is the only one who has done it. He has won lots of culinary medals and just all around amazing chef. I make sure I keep his contact number handy just in case I need some tips or ideas.


these lobsters have no idea what is to come, maybe Brain can tell them the bad news :(

6 plated desserts

I earned a Gold for these desserts....the good old days when I was good, now I cant seam to get it back...I guess I will take a silver or a Bronze. Next year watch out. I am out for Blood and not True Blood, I mean real Blood, oh never mind. I will just to earn a Gold next time.