I know what you are thinking? "What kind of beer should I be drinking right now on this beautiful day?" Well I will tell you what kind of beer you need to drink, Shiner Beer from Shiner, Texas. I love Shiner and I think is the best beer out there, so try it and I know you will agree. In matter of fact, I will be drinking this ice cold beer right now...sorry I only have one, buy your own.


Have you seen these juices at the store? Well I am hooked on them and I made it my mission to try all the flavors. I know they cost a little bit of money, but I think it is so worth it. Instead of eating lunch I been drinking these healthy drinks. They have about 120-220 calories per bottle and cost between $1.50-$2.99 each. So there you go, this is what I have been drinking now a days...hey it's better then drinking soda or starbucks. Check out the website


Fresh tomatoes picked from the garden with a little salt and pepper....Tasty! Here is a little History about Tomatoes: The tomato is native to South America, cousin to potatoes, chili peppers, tobacco, eggplant and the poisonous belladonna and there are over 1,000 varieties of tomatoes. There you have it...the full history of the Tomato, OK not true, there is a lot more then that.

Homemade Ravioli

My homemade Raviolis with Mushrooms and Cheese but not made at home made in a commercial kitchen.

Chocolate Mousse Cake



Hen of the Woods
Everyone needs to go out and explore mushrooms. Here I posted just two different kinds, but there are so many different kinds of mushrooms, you can find them at your local farmers market or a high end grocery store such as Whole Foods. I know you are looking at the price and thinking, "the mushrooms cost more then the protein on the plate". Well you don't need to buy a pound of mushrooms, just buy what you need for your dinner tonight. You may only need an ounce of mushrooms or even less depending on how many people you are serving for tonight's dinner.

Black Trumpet
Yes $37.99 LBS is the right price.
It has been some time since I have added anything new to my blog and I am sorry if you have been waiting for a new post. I don't want to make any excuses why I have not written anything new and I don't want anyone think I don't care about my blog, I do care, because it is a good learning experience for me, all that money I spent on a culinary school was not a waste of money.
Since starting my new job, it seems I don't have lots of time anymore. But once I get the hang of my new job I will keep adding new post so please give me some time to get it together with my new job.
What made me write a post today, well a friend of mine in Atlanta, also started a blog (and I have to say it is better then mine) So he aspired me to keep up my work on my own blog. So thanks "B"!

Wine Wheel

I came across this wine wheel and I thought everyone might be interested in having one too. I notice that some people charge people for a wine wheel, I am not so sure why? But here you go, it is free for you, and I just hopes it get you interested in wines...salute!