Student Skills

Our team got a gold in the student skills category. Here is our gold medal four course meal

My 6 platted desserts

Only got a bronze this year, I better try harder next year to earn a gold medal. Can't win if you don't try.

Team Pentagon!

This year at the 36th. Annual Culinary Competition team Pentagon takes Gold! We are a joint service (Navy, Army, Marines, Air Force) culinary team. With a little budget and practicing on our own time we pull off winning a team gold medal. We took home over 55 medals, more then any other team. It was the first time the Pentagon team has won in the culinary competition. We also earn a team trophy, no word yet where our trophy will be placed.

Pastry Live competition

Here I am in my live competition, I had hour and half to make a dessert for four people.I end up winning a Gold Medal. My dessert (from bottom to the top) chocolate brownie, vanilla custard, chocolate board, white chocolate mouse, chocolate board. What you don't see I added a berry compote, with a blueberry sorbet.