Real Army Chefs

Without Military Chefs, there would be no military, they are the backbone of the arms service. Army Chefs don't recognized enough. We hear how our Military is fighting the bad guys, but we don't hear enough about the soldiers behind the scenes. Military Chefs have to work weekends, holidays and long hours, while most of the service gets these days off. They work and make good healthy food. I am proud to be one of them.

Fallen Soldier

Every Army Dining facility has a place for the fallen soldier. (click on the picture to read)


I just drove from Texas to Virginia and on my way I thought it would be a cool idea to try out some BBQ on my way, to make my drive more exciting. I stopped at two BBQ restaurants in Texas and two restaurants in Tennessee. Here is what I thought about the restaurants, I think all of them served really good BBQ. While I am in Va, I will have to try some BBQ here on the east coast. I know the east coast is not really known for BBQ, but I will not be close minded, I will keep an open mind when trying new BBQ. I think it will be hard for any restaurant around to be able compete with the south when it comes to BBQ.

Virginia Welcomes Me!

I am now living in Ft. Myer, VA and I am pretty excited about my new adventure. So far I was welcome by getting pulled over because my windows on my car were to dark...uh? Please...

Ft. Hood Culinary Arts Team

·         Today I stopped by the Ft. Hood Culinary arts team before leaving for Ft. Myer, VA (my new duty station), and I have to say I am really impressed with they have been doing, they are getting lots of good hands on training. Do I think they can win the culinary arts competition in 2010? Time will only tell. Fort Hood Culinary arts team has a have a huge advantage over other teams; they have started training back in June 2009. What I have seen so far, is that they still need to improve to be able to beat the other teams who have been competing for a long time now. Ft. Hood team is new and I just hope some how they can pull it off. So they can continue competing for years to come. But they need to do more research on food presentation and work out some recipes. Other than that I think they will do well, they have been training for a few months now. Other teams start training in December thru March and have good leadership skills and talent cooks on their teams. Fort Hood has a few good chefs too, but cooking and competing are a little bit different. You need lots of patience to compete. Lots re-doing and practicing recipes to make the perfect dish. I will also be there competing too, I look forward to see how they do when I get there and how far they have come. I hope they also walk from all this with a greater respect to cooking and learn that it is not as easy it may look. I wish them lots of luck!

Brooklyn Lager Brewery

Even though my favorite beer is Shiner, I think the beer Gods would say it is okay to try other brands once in awhile. When I used to live in New York I used to drink Brooklyn Lager, Molson Ice, or Samuel Adam's.
This Brooklyn Lager has a bold strong taste, its great with pizza, and maybe pizza from Home Slice in Austin.

Home Slice

Who said the best pizza comes from New York? I have been to many places and I have to say New York is not the only place you can get good pizza, there are many pizza places all over the country, where they serve up good pizza. For example, Home Slice Pizza in South Austin off of Congress, thin crust pizza with lots of flavor. They even served Brooklyn Lager, I thought I was in NY again.

Hey Cupcake!

I was downtown Austin and I came across this little trailer, called Hey Cupcake! I thought what a cool idea, maybe something I should think about when I get out of the Army in two years. Maybe make my cheese cakes

Broken Camera

For about 3 months now, I was without a camera. My Samsung Camera had died on me way back when in July and I had to call up Samsung to talk to them about getting my camera fixed. After a few times of calling Samsung and having they send me a battery, then a charger and finally they sent me my fixed camera and I now have a working camera once again. For the last 3 months I have been using my cell phone to take pictures, at first it was no big deal since my cell phone had a 5 mega pix camera build in, but then I got a new cell phone...bad move, because my cell phone was only a 2 mega pix and I was noticing a big difference between the two. When I thought I took a good picture I would downloaded on to my computer and found out that my pictures I took on my 2 mega cell phone was not even worth looking at. But now I have my camera back it is a 13.6 mega pix so I should be back in action taking more pictures once again. Next week I will move to D.C. so that means no internet for a few weeks and no post. So for now I will do my best to take as many pictures as I can get them up on my blog before I go. I hope to have lots more while I am waiting to have my internet back up and running again. So stay tuned for more post and new photos. 

Family Reunion

Don't you just love family reunions? As long you have Shiner around you can't go wrong with this family reunion.