Ft. Hood Culinary Arts Team

·         Today I stopped by the Ft. Hood Culinary arts team before leaving for Ft. Myer, VA (my new duty station), and I have to say I am really impressed with they have been doing, they are getting lots of good hands on training. Do I think they can win the culinary arts competition in 2010? Time will only tell. Fort Hood Culinary arts team has a have a huge advantage over other teams; they have started training back in June 2009. What I have seen so far, is that they still need to improve to be able to beat the other teams who have been competing for a long time now. Ft. Hood team is new and I just hope some how they can pull it off. So they can continue competing for years to come. But they need to do more research on food presentation and work out some recipes. Other than that I think they will do well, they have been training for a few months now. Other teams start training in December thru March and have good leadership skills and talent cooks on their teams. Fort Hood has a few good chefs too, but cooking and competing are a little bit different. You need lots of patience to compete. Lots re-doing and practicing recipes to make the perfect dish. I will also be there competing too, I look forward to see how they do when I get there and how far they have come. I hope they also walk from all this with a greater respect to cooking and learn that it is not as easy it may look. I wish them lots of luck!
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