Tonight for Dinner

Tonight I made myself a Garden Burger dinner and it Reminded me of the old days when I worked for a 5 star hotel in Austin. We would be able to make ourselves food after a hard day’s work and whenever I could not think what to make for myself; I would make myself a Garden Burger. It is healthy and not junk food. So today I was at Whole Foods in Arlington, VA and saw they had Garden Burgers, and now they have different flavors. I bought Portabella. It is made with brown rice, onions, portabella mushrooms, crimini mushrooms, spinach, rolled oats, mozzarella cheese and it is not dry, it is juicy vegetable burger. And today I was thinking I would go ahead and try organic rice base cheese. I bought the Swiss flavor cheese and when I got home I opened the package of my rice base cheese Swiss flavor I ate slice to of it to try before putting it on burger and I was really surprise how well it tasted. It tastes just like American cheese with a slight Swiss flavor. It was really good. And to top it off I bought chocolate soy milk, tasted just like regular chocolate milk. Maybe eating healthy doesn’t have to taste bad and maybe it really can taste good. I have to say I really enjoy tonight’s dinner and the best thing about food; there are so many choices out there. I wish I could live long enough to try it all. 
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